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The "Wiener Zeitung" is the oldest, still existing daily newspaper in the world (founded in 1703), owned by the Republic of Austria. "Wiener Zeitung" is a fully autonomic, non-party oriented media house covering commentaries and reports in the scope of politics, economics and cultural affairs. Part of the newspaper is the official gazette that is separated rigorous from the content of the daily newspaper. To complete the portfolio there are online platforms and e-government services for companies, citizens and the public sector. Another focus is to create "public value" in providing tasks and services for the society. 

As an associated partner of the MEDLIT project, the "Wiener Zeitung Academy" will be there to disseminate information about the project and its development. Later in the process of the project the newspaper will also play a role in being a partner in establishing teaching programs in the project's partner countries. 


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