MEDLIT Network & Sustainability Meeting

Project Management, Monitoring & Dissemination Event 

For a second time - after the TtF Workshop Higher Education Systems last year - the MEDLIT project stops at the UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia). The goal of this meeting (December 3rd to 8th, 2017) is to institutionalize the achievements of the project so far and set course for the future.

To do so multiple activities were bundled for synergies:

  1. The Founding Meeting of the Media Literacy Network (MEDLITnet). [7.1 Form Media Literacy Network]
  2. An official presentation of the MEDLITnet and the Malaysian MEDLIT MOOC for interested stakeholders of the UPM. [6.4 MOOC Launch Event & 7.2 Local Stakeholder Event]
  3. A reflection meeting of challenges that occurred during the MEDLIT project, to draft a lessons-learned report that should be the groundwork for follow-up activities. [9.2 Reflection Focus Group]
  4. A training day with an External Expert, about how to prepare new activities especially with a focus on Science - Business Cooperation. [3.3 Expert Board Input]
  5. The establishment of working groups that prepare proposals for follow-up activities and further cooperation between the consortium partners. An important part of the work of these groups will also be the preparation for the 1st Network Conference in March 2018. [7.3 1st Network Conference]

This meeting is therefore an important step for more sustainability and close cooperation of the consortium in the future.