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  • Topics Issue #1: Impressions and Experiences from the Workshop in Vienna (Okto, City of Vienna and the produced Talk Show), Change Board Meeting, External Expert Prof. Dr. Anton Pelinka, News from ZU and a Blog Post about the new Steering & Monitoring Structures.
  • Topics Issue #2: Report from the eLearning Training, Sharing the MEDLIT experiences in Malaysia (UPM) and Thailand (SWU & CU), an Advise to the new Leads from the experience of the Project Management in Vienna and the Workshop in Vienna report by AJC.
  • Topics Issue #3: UPM Website online, Media Literacy Talk at SWU, MOOC SWU Inside Report
  • Topics Issue #4: Final Delphi Report available, Inside Thai's MOOC production, Media Literacy as part of the SWU Information Literacy class, Re-Use of MOOC development skills/Web 2.0 tools in UPM classes 

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