Media Culture

Train-the-Faculty Workshop 

Soon we will start our next adventure: The second Train-the-Faculty Workshop will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, at Srinakhariwirot University from October 3rd to 7th. Every partner university will send up to five participants to Bangkok to take part in a workshop on Media Culture, led by Marian T. Adolf and Cornelia Wallner from Zeppelin University. The meeting will also prepare the second wave of our Delphi Study. 

The workshop on Media Culture is concerned with one of the key terms of our project and elaborates on a cultural perspective on the media and mediated communication. The meeting will cover theoretical as well as methodological foundations of media cultural research and aims to uncover national-cultural traits as well as local media practices.  

For the accounting process and within the project organization it should be known that this workshop will be part of the ML-Inquiry work package, which is led by the Zeppelin University and not part of the Train-the-Faculty Workshop work package led by the University of Vienna.