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Kuala Lumpur

MEDLIT Network & Sustainability Meeting

During this last meeting in 2017 at the UPM, MEDLIT will set course for the future with the establishment of the MEDLITnet, Monitoring and Planning activities for further cooperation and the presentation of Network & MOOC to the local public.


#4 Final Delphi Report & Project's Impacts

Read in the new Newsletter about the finished Final Delphi Study Report, the impact of the project on regular classes of project members and why it is important to think about motivation and reflection in the MEDLIT MOOCs.


#2 Sharing the MEDLIT Experience

Newsletter #2 reports about sharing the MEDLIT experience activities in Thailand (CU & SWU) & Malaysia (UPM), partner institutions from Malaysia (UPM) and Vietnam (AJC) presenting their perspectives on MEDLIT workshops and the Project Management Team (UniVie) tries to give advice to and motivate the new leads on Communication & Collaboration activities.


#1 TtF Workshop Media Emancipation

The first pdf Newsletter was published, many thanks to the collective team (SWU/CU) from Thailand. Topics: Impressions and Experiences from the workshop in Vienna (Okto, City of Vienna and the produced Talk Show), Change Board Meeting, External Expert Prof. Dr. Anton Pelinka), News from ZU and a Blog Post about the new Steering & Monitoring Structures.


Steering Smarter

Communication and Decision Making processes are closely tied, but they are also culturally determined. MEDLIT develops "Smarter Steering & Monitoring Structures", to become more sustainable.


EHR-Update April/17

The newsletter of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy about Higher Education in Europe (EHR-update) announced the Erasmus+ Day Event "Education beyond Teaching" at the Department of Communication.


Final Delphi Conference

After one year of developing, carrying out and concluding two waves of a Delphi Study, the results of this process will be presented at the Final Conference of the MEDLIT Delphi Study from February...


Workshop Media Culture

Soon we will start our next adventure: The second Train-the-Faculty Workshop with the topic Media Culture in focus will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, at Srinakharinwirot University. Every partner will send up to five participants to take part...


Ho Chi Minh City

Workshop Media Literacy & Future Studies

Our first Train-the-Faculty Workshop (TtF) focused on Media Literacy & Future Studies and took place at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City



MEDLIT extended

EACEA granted the MEDLIT project an extension of the project duration until March 14th, 2018 to achieve more sustainability of the project outcomes.

We're grateful.


Communicate & Collaborate

Only having a plan isn't leading, especially in projects, an advice from the experiences we made so far in the project. Why listening, decision making, juggling but also staying on course are essential for the project success.



The paper entitled "Media Literacy Competencies for Navigating Media Cultures: Findings of a Comparative Study in Southeast Asia" by Zeppelin University's MEDLIT project team has been accepted by IAMCR's Media Education Research Section. The paper will be presented at the upcoming conference in Cartagena, Colombia.



Doing projects is a demanding task, so seeing the first signals of intended outcome is a valuable and motivating. So without many more words the MEDLIT project proudly presents a few of the first clips of the Media Literacy MOOCs that are currently produced by the partner universities in Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam.


Erasmus+ Day

On May 10th, 2017 we celebrated 30 years of Erasmus with an event showing the link between the Third Mission of the Universities and Internationalisation through Erasmus+ Key Action 2. Welcome Speeches, Keynote, Panel Discussion and a Poster Exhibition showed this close connection.

Sankt Pölten

Institutional Media Literacy

"Besides personal requirements Media Education must not be disregarded. Thomas A. Bauer, professor emeritus at the University of Vienna and expert in the field, explains the concept of an...


MEDLIT means Media Literacy...

"Something with media, but intercultural, yet somehow different and on the spot in South-East-Asia" is the translation of the beginning of the newest article about the MEDLIT-project. Project Manager Michael-Bernhard Zita explains to a german-speaking audience...



For our Mid-Term-Conference two representatives from each partner university will come together at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, from September 26th to 30th...



Research Talks

Within the Research Talks of the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna, the Scientific Coordinator of MEDLIT project, Prof. Thomas A, Bauer presented the project and its theoretical foundation to Faculty and Guests of the Academy of Journalism & Communication, Vietnam.


Presentation @ ICA ARC 2017

The paper entitled "Fostering Media Literacy Competencies for Navigating Digital Media Cultures: Findings of a Comparative Study in Southeast Asia" was presented at International Communication Association Asia Regional Conference 2017 in Mumbai, India by Michael-Bernhard Zita on behalf of the ZU Delphi Study Research Team.


Make them love the Sea

If you want to build a boat, you should teach to love the sea. What can we learn for our project out of this simple truth? A small reminder, why media and communication are important for societal cohesion and why we should do our MOOCs to help with that.


#3 More MOOC & Websites

SWU presents Newsletter #3: UPM launches their own project website to inform UPM staff and students about the MEDLIT project in detail, SWU gives their secret inside report on MOOC development, while their students are informed via a Media Literacy Lecture.


EHR-Update June/17

The newsletter of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy about Higher Education in Europe (EHR-update) published a portrait of the MEDLIT project. Something worth reading for german-speaking in Media Literacy interested people. 


OKTO Productions

During the TtF Workshop Media Emancipation in Vienna in May 2017, the MEDLIT partners together with OKTO TV produced five segments which aired on May 30, May 31 and June 1, 2017.


Workshop Media Emancipation

Our next Train-the-Faculty Workshop on Media Emancipation in Vienna aims the question of how to handle the new media players, different to media institutions like...

Kota Bharu

E-learning Training

After the completion of the Delphi Study at the MEDLIT Delphi Study - Final Conference in Hanoi, the next work package E-Learning training will be started by its lead, Dr. Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema (OUNL). With the...


Kuala Lumpur

Workshop Higher Education

After our workshops in Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok our next Train-the-Faculty Workshop looking at the Higher Education Systems and Scientific Literacy will take place at the Universiti Putra Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. This time the focus will not be on...



"Mediatized Worlds"

Under the title "Studying Mediatization through a Media Cultural Lense: The Case of Media LiteracyMarian T. Adolf, Cornelia Wallner and Susan Alpen from Zeppelin University have presented our project within the theoretical framework of Media Culture at the "Mediatized Worlds" Conference that took place at the University of Bremen from August 30th to September 1st, 2016. 


After the Kick-Off

So this really had happened now. What has started in October 2014 with an idea to try to apply for European Union funds to bring together multiple local efforts by Thomas A. Bauer became now a real project.